Reclaiming Our Voice: NJ’s Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage

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I’m excited to announce that the March 2020 Issue of Garden State Legacy featuring my article “Reclaiming Our Voice: NJ’s Role in the Fight for Woman Suffrage” co-authored by Delight Dodyk with poems by Susanna Rich is now live. It also includes articles on the “Petticoat Electors,” NJ’s Anti-Suffrage Movement, NJ’s Jewish, Black, and Immigrant Suffragists, Elizabeth Cady Stanton in NJ, the NJ Suffrage Torch, and other articles featuring Jersey women’s history. 

I recently discussed NJ’s 1776-1807 experiment with woman suffrage on
WNYC-FM’s “All of It” with Alison Stewart Listen to the program online. 
See my performance on Suffrage Forward as Abigail Adams discussing the NJ Constitution here (begins at 3:05). View my slide show of early suffrage in NJ

You can also read a NY Times articlehear staff from the Museum of the American Revolution  and read my NJ Studies review of the Museum’s new exhibit “When Women Lost the Vote” highlighting new discoveries about NJ’s early women voters, check out a NJPBS program on area suffragists and see the virtual exhibit on NJ Women Voting at the Old Barracks Museum

As always, you can find out more about my programs at my website:  



Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates invites readers to discover the contributions of 69 courageous and tenacious women — founding mothers, abolitionists, suffragists, feminists, labor and civil rights leaders, and pioneering female politicians who fought for women’s rights and women’s lives. It’s not “just” a coloring book! Each two page spread also includes a full page bio, a fascinating fact and a quotation along with recommendations for further reading, suggestions for activities and activism and places to visit. It’s inclusive and diverse, featuring many unsung heroines and many women of color.Whether you want to color, read, or use this book as a springboard to learn or do more, this book has something for all ages.

For more information, contact:
Carol Simon Levin
cslevin59 (at)  
908 361-6519


About Carol Simon Levin

Carol Simon Levin has had a career as a college & children’s librarian, author, storyteller and program presenter. Whether she is impersonating the woman who helped to build the Brooklyn Bridge, telling the amazing stories of early women in aviation, engaging families in a rousing Halloween Hootenany of songs and stories, expanding on the mathematical and artistic possibilities of a simple square, or sharing the story of a dolphin who learned to swim with an artificial tail (along with activities to help children understand what it is like to live with a disability), she always strives to create exciting programs that engage her audience’s interests and expand their horizons. She has always been particularly fascinated by the history of technology and women’s history. She has authored Remembering the Ladies: From Patriots in Petticoats to Presidential Candidates and has created three programs introducing the women — well-known and unknown — who worked tirelessly for women’s rights in this country. For more information on any of her Telling Her Stories presentations, check out the website She can bring her presentations to libraries, senior centers, historical societies, schools, camps and other venues. Each can be tailored to different ages. Additional programs and resources for children and teachers can be found at: Carol Simon Levin is a member of the New Jersey Storytelling Network, the New Jersey Library Association, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She can be reached at: cslevin59 (at) or by phone 908 781-6041 (home) or 908 361-6519 (cell).
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