‘Her Stories’ with Carol Simon Levin featured on Leftscape Podcast

This week on The Leftscape, Mary McGinley speaks with historian and performer Carol Simon Levin. After minoring in Women’s History at Cornell University, Levin wasn’t yet on her current path of immersion and fascination with the topic. It was a chance meeting at the gym and a conversation about Emily Roebling that led to more and more research, a book, and her one-woman performances that bring to life women from history, many of whose stories have been hidden from view. This discussion winds through stories of women including Jeannette Rankin, Sojourner Truth, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Alice Paul. Thoughts on the voices of women of color and racial divisions within the feminist movement then and now recur throughout, and invite deep, ongoing conversation and analysis.  Listen to episode here. (This portion of the podcast begins at 14:55.)

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